So far, college is so much more similar to high school than I could have ever imagined.

I honestly don't feel like I am overwhelmed with homework. 
I have done well on my tests.

Life is good.

I have found that there are a few things that I have been struggling with more since I have arrived, but they are things that I have always had issues with.

Time management.  Socializing.  Fitness.

These past few days, however, I have really come to realize that this is the perfect opportunity for me to overcome my weaknesses.  I am here, alone, and with this solitude comes opportunities for change that maybe would have not been so effective a year ago.

I hope I come out of my freshman year more talented, wiser, and all in all a better & happier human.

Fall has been treating me well here in the west.  I love Utah because it is a perfect little melting pot of desert and flora - I get snowy winters but I can also get 80 degree Octobers.

And it sure is beautiful.

We took a little trip to Thanksgiving Point to try some of their haunted houses / play in the corn kernel beach.  (We are children, yeah yeah.)

They had creepy clowns keeping guests "entertained" while we were in line, but at one point we decided the only way to stop getting targeted (large group of easily frightened girls) was to befriend them.

So meet our buddy Mr. Grave Digger

The one bummer this season is that none of my pictures have accurately captured the colors on the mountains - I promise, they are so vibrant right now.

When I am trying to procrastinate doing homework, I decorate and/or make crafts.

So for like every football game so far I had been at the endzone. Fun & all, but I really wanted to be in the east student section so that I could be under the giant flag and finally my dream came true!

This is the one time I really appreciated being tall.  Most girls around me didn't get to reach the fabric, so finally my height helped me out a bit.

(this is me under the flag)

I bribed my family into sending me a care package (the details aren't important) and so I guess you can say that I'm pretty happy right now.  BTW, that chocolate is no longer available.  I think I set a world record for how quickly three bags can be consumed.

If you are interested in sending me something special, just send me a message and I will give you my address!

(hint hint)

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  1. Give me your address! I want to send you things!