Hey folks!

I had an absolutely lovely summer back in the big MN, and I had such a great time that I never got around to posting about it.  Now that school has started, however, I suppose it may be time to share a little about my adventures.

To begin, it is vitally important that y'all know just how AMAZING Minnesota is.  Like, for the first few weeks I was there I couldn't stop myself from ooohing and aaaahhing every time the sunlight hit the tops of leaves and trees.  
Soooo gorgeous.

I spent this summer playing & exploring & I loved every minute!

Abby participated in the school spring production & she ROCKED it

one of our girls-adventures where we found Nessie!

If you don't already know this about me, then shame on you, but like my two favorite things in the whole wide world are walks and ice cream cones.

We went to a (somewhat) nearby lake that had both, so that day was a winner.

Abby & I spent plenty of time at the beach, trying to make sure we got our $$$ worth 
for the season passes we had bought.

 but of course, the best part about being home was this little guy
 ^ and yes this is the same dog he just transforms every time he gets a haircut

summer activities must include Target runs
(well DUH)

We took two major trips this summer, which was super fun since this was (possibly) my last summer back home.

#1 - Abby went to EFY at Nauvoo so we stopped by for the weekend too!

 #2 - For Marissa's birthday we went to Indiana and had an absolute blast playing with the munchkins and visiting their home

Here is more end-of-summer / beginning-of-school, since this is when we travelled out to Utah.
Thank GOODNESS we decided to caravan it because I have waayyy too many clothes to struggle through airport packing again.

I snapped this pic of my parents in one of our hotels bc how adorable is this??

We stopped for the weekend at Jackson Hole which was AMAZING
 awkwardly the only pic of me from this trip

& to finish it all off, I FINALLY highlighted my hair, which I had been planning to do all summer.

That's it for the mega-condensed, picture loaded snippet of my summer.
Until next time folks!