Last night Abby had a choir concert and all the women sang 'Wings' by Little Mix.  I totally fell in love and decided that this is my new anthem for the next while.
I think that sometimes it is so easy to forget your self worth and the literally endless possibilities that lay before you.  I love this song because it is all about power that comes from within, and picking yourself up when you fall.
That, and growing up my nickname was "Butterfly" so I'm basically destined to love this song.

That reminds me of an example someone gave once to help those in the audience better understand how strong God's love for us is and how it doesn't falter, even when we are sinful.  Imagine that you have a baby who is just learning to walk.  He will wiggle his way to standing with the support of your couch, put one chubby foot in front of the other, and happily waddle his way towards your open arms.  But let's say he falls.
Two steps in he bellyflops onto the ground and his mission to walk across the room has failed.  In this situation, what do you do?  Do you chastise him, angrily berating your child for not getting it right?  Do you groan in annoyance at his inability to walk?  Do you tell him, "Your'e hopeless.  Sorry son, but you failed now and so I guess there is no point in you trying again.  You fell too hard to get back up."

You smile, make some baby noises, and welcome him to try again.  It could take days, it could take weeks, but you keep on encouraging him to walk - no matter how many times he falls flat on his face. 

God is the same as the loving parent in this situation.  We fall, we sin, we aren't as steady on our feet as we should be.  But rather than being angry at us and dooming us to live in misery, He smiles and welcomes us to try again.

No matter how many times we fall.

No matter how far we have fallen.

Better yet, He knows what our potential is.  Despite what other people say, and even though a baby has no knowledge of what the future may hold, He knows that the little boy will not only walk, but he will run, skip, dance.

Just because you are on the ground now doesn't mean that you aren't destined to frolic in the sky.


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